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beck's got a crush on republican governor chris christie, when christie's not bullying teachers he's trying to bully voters. i'll talk to a voter who sparred with christie in just a moment. >>> and speaking of beck, he's the one saying, violence is going to be coming from the left? well, a male sharron angle supporter tea partier reportedly punched a female harry reid supporter during a candidate forum last night. oh, yeah! radio talk show host heidi harris was there, and we'll get that story and get some rapid fire response. >>> and tea partier christine o'donnell, ben quail and demon sheep have one thing in common. details coming up in "the playbook" tonight and the congress's just done something really big in dealing with manipulation occurrencewe china. we'll have that story for you tonight as well. >>> but this is the story that has me fired up tonight. republican governor of new jersey, chris christie -- i mean this guy is nothing but a big bully. he's thrown his weight around again, this time in california. christie was out stumping for billionaire gubernatorial candidate me
governor chris christie shuts down a heckler. it wasn't even at his own event. you will see the incredible political moment in just a minute. >>> first to the news live at 5:30 here at 30 rock. >>> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad addressed the united nations general assembly yesterday sparking the seemingly annual tradition now of delegations leaving the room in protest. the u.s. and several european delegations walked out after ahmadinejad said that most people believe the u.s. government was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks. >> translator: some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips on the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. the majority of the american people as well as most nations and politicians around the world agree with this view. >> he's right. did a hell of a job reversing the declining economy. the white house said the president thought they were utterly ridiculous. earlier the president spoke saying "the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through it." p
in the garden state. the man at the center of it all, chris christie, later this hour. but, before the governor, the love, and the big g.o.p. blitz after the flop. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and this is "your world." and now gop claims nice with the tea party. they were fuming and now they are glomming. and the head of the committee says we stand by all, republican nominees, including christine o'donnell in delaware. some of the same group said it wouldn't want o'donnell's campaign and today, senate minority leader says it is time to unite the party. republican indiana congressman pence agrees, but, congressman, mixed signals coming from your party offer the last 24 hours. what gives. >>guest: well, it is the end of primary season. as they say in nascar, rubbing is racing but great to see everyone today coming around christine o'donnell and saying, you bet, if we can we elect a republican senator in massachusetts, we have every opportunity to elect christine o'donnell in delaware and i like her chances and she has given a fresh, positive, conservative alternate to the people of delawar
on this guy christy? welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto and christy o'donnell in delaware, but chris christy is insighting rage and lots of it in new jersey. talk about a tea party. all, but bagging the pension system and suspending their future cost of living adjustments, raising their retirement age and demanding they all kick in more to their pensions and their health care benefits promptly. no love for the gov from union leaders who argue christy is not tinkering with them. he's almost renaming them and now it's war in the garden is it state. and the new jersey governor himself tells me the fight is going to spread across the countries. >> if we had not taken direct steps, we would not meet payroll. new jersey is in a desperate situation and we are a preview for what the rest of the country is about to handle. >> neil: get ready, this is going to get ugly. charles payne and gerry, what do you think. >> the nightmare not just new jersey, but the country. unfunded for pensions. people say one trillion. it's three times that, 3 trillion or 22% of gdp. why? because states overestimate how mu
and new jersey governor chris christie. >> if you want to put on a show and giggle every time i talk, i have no interest in answering your question. >> in the end, some teachers came to the governor's defense. we'll tell you why. >> i love that guy! a reporter on the offensive taking on the players andje coaches of the new york jets. what does she have to do with it? that story straight ahead. >> she's covering a soccer game. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a do a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steem [ female annncoper ] food myth #9. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. ♪ proud to be homegrown ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there ♪ >> welcome back. town hall meeting held by new jersey gover
. >>> coming up, chris christie is not afraid of a fight, especially to defend a young lady. today feels like an entire show that got turned into a side show. you're watching "hardball" on msnbc. ♪ ...honor... ♪ ...and trust... an unspoken bond that, while common among men... is exceedingly rare among companies. the ram 60-day handshake. ram. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? ♪ introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid, specially formulated to fight morning pain and fatigue. ♪ so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. >>> all right, back to "hardball." the politics spectacle theme continues here on "the sideshow." this week, new jersey governor chris christie was out in california campaigning with meg whitman when a heckler interrupted whitman's speech. christie was quick to jump in. >> hey, listen. hey, listen. hey, listen. you know what, if you want to yell, yell at me. but don't give her a hard time. we're here talking about the future of the state of california and the future of our country. and
in a traditionally blue state. >> it has to be in play. new jersey was won by chris christy. so if scott brown can do it if chris christy can do it bob can do it. >> this tough economy we need a governor on our side. >> reporter: o'malley is fighting back. the current governor has been running negative ads since the primary season but focusing in on ehrlich's old record insisting he raised taxes himself but called them fees. o'malley also continues to say in his ads ehrlich was a paid lobbiest for big business. kathleen kennedy says negative ads are a part of the stretch run in any campaign. >> the fact is people will always say angry things at the end of the campaign. it happens. people will ask themselves who will be better for them? who will be better for the state? that will be governor o'malley. >> negative campaigns are like the cherry pie or apple pick. >> reporter: harry smith is at mcdaniels college. he's not surprised at the new ads even though voters say they don't like them, they do work. as long as the governor's race stays tight expect more. >> now you are advertising the reasons why pe
is to obama. i am that to chris christie. i have a tingle doing -- going down both legs. i am also incot nent. -- incontinent. >> why don't we go to a break and you can deal with that incontinence. we are going to a break. plenty more crap when we return. >> oh my god!  >>> we're back doing more of the half timeish report with andy levy. take it away. >> are you okay, greg? >> i'm fine. it was a tingle after all. >> the people at home don't know this is a half hour later. >> exactly. >> just lastly on the chris christie defending meg whitman thing. i was going to give my take on this, but bill gave it. >> i gave you credit. i didn't have anything to say myself. i have no independent thoughts. >> pat, i'm with you. this is what makes america a great country. they were able to eat, get drunk and get stoned. other countries, they get an hour lunch break and they need a siesta to get that in. >> and they need a vacation. they need 30 days or 40 days. our people cap do it in a week. >> it is america know how. >> it is marijuana in america know how. >> tais book founder mark zuck
. plus, chris christie's pension fight. the unions are howling after new jersey's governor unveils his plans to save a system that is only 46 billion dollars in the red. welcome to the journal, editorial report, i'm paul gigot. tea party candidate christine o'donnell's stunning victory tuesday over long time republican congressman mike castle has many on the left celebrating. and crowing about a republican civil war. well, democrats may keep that senate seat as a result, but is the wave of voter anger that swept castle out now headed right toward them? join the panel this week, wall street journal columnist dan henning, kim strassel and steve moore. so, kim, i got an e-mail from john kerry one of the mass democratic e-mails basically almost doing cartwheels on my computer screen, celebrating the result in delaware. should they be that happy? >> i don't think they should because this was the last primary and right now, all the republicans that might get swept out or been swept out and the only people left to be swept out are democrats this fall. and a lot of the things that were driving
tonight. >>> new jersey governor chris christie cares about really two things, money and power. he sathinks the key to educatio is cutting teacherer's pensions and doing away with job security. the guy is an anti-union dude, antiworker and he's trying to raise his political profile on the backs of workers, my commentary on new jersey's teacher of the year is also going to be here to sound-off on all of that. >>> newt gingrich's trying to fire up the tea party nut jobs by calling president obama a threat to our basic way of life. and then he's preaching about values? his cry for attention really at this point is pretty sad, isn't it? >>> and after talking about mice with human brains and monkey evolution i was wondering where christine o'donnell actually went to school. it turns out she doesn't even know. some big-time lies uncovered on her academic resume. >>> this story has me fired off tonight. i want to call time-out off the top. i'm going to be accused by conservatives of being angry. i think that there are some angry parents in the state of new jersey and there's going to be a
in chris christie's war with unions. he wants to rollback state pentagons just a bit here and there to save the state's budget and save the very pensions. its turning out to be a very tough fight. the taxpayers versus the public unions, just ahead. >> i stood here and very respectfully listened to you. if you what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk then i have no interest in answering your question. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. megyn: fox news election alert the associated press is now reporting that kelly ayotte is the winner of new hampshire's primary. she is the state's former attorney general. she has beaten her challenger ovide lamontagne, who was endorsed by the tea party, and she, however, yeah ot had the endorsement of former today governor sarah palin. we are hearing reports of a possible recount. ovide lamontagne has the right to demand that since the victory was within 1.
boehner. thank you, both. >>> come iing up, chris christis a true gentleman not afraid of a fight. especially to defend a lady. today feels like an entire show that got turned into a side show. in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪ ♪ cause you've called ups, that's logistics ♪ big oil and their backers are spending millions to scare us. saying it costs too much to break our dependence on oil. what they're really doing is putting our security at risk. my big brother went to iraq to keep us safe. he came home in a flag-draped coffin. america lost another hero. big oil wants to talk about costs? don't let big oil lie to you about what our dependence really costs. sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoi
without any help from colbert? that's probably also true. >>> plus, chris christie leaping to defend meg whitman at a california fund-raiser. is he the hero the gop has been looking to break? we're back after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. ♪ but i really love my bank ♪ i hate-- didn't quite catch that last bit. i said i really love my bank. right... is there a problem ? it's not really raging, man. uh, we were hoping for more raging ? well, you said write from the heart. yeah... don't do that. at ally, you'll love our online savings account. named the best of 2010 by money magazine. ally. do you love your bank ? the man loves his cheese. the only thing he likes more than cheese is more cheese. if he was eating cheese he'd put cheese on it. he's like a cheese monster. and now kraft's got this new thing, cheddar explosion. i really want to try it. fat chance that's gonna happen. [ male annou
in a moment. >>> governor chris christie, he's the biggest threat to our nation's schooschools. when he's not yelling at people at town hall meetings and trimming the fat at expense of our teachers, i'm doing my part for nbc's education notion. >>> the false prophet glenn beck is freaking out about dangerous killers coming from the left. his rhetoric is what's dangerous and it needs to stop. >>> this is the story that has me fired up tonight. john boehner has been out in the sun just probably a little bit too long, hasn't he? the tan man is flustered and back pedalling on his pledge to america. the republicans' so-called new governing agenda to set a different course for the country is nothing but a garbage sale. american people aren't buying it. after 20 months of offering no ideas, he and his cronies laid out their playbook for the american people. late last week he sounded pretty confident. >> the american people are speaking out like never before. they're concerned about the future of our nation, and the future for their children. they see a government in washington that isn't liste
. >>> coming up, new jersey governor chris christie is a true gentleman not afraid of a fight, especially to defend a lady. that's in the "side show." you are watching requested heart "hardball" only on msnbc. >>> all right, back to "hardball." the politics spectacle theme continues here on "the sideshow." this week, new jersey governor chris christie was out in california campaigning with meg whitman when a heckler interrupted whitman's speech. christie was quick to jump in. >> hey, listen. hey, listen. hey, listen. you know what, if you want to yell, yell at me. but don't give her a hard time. we're here talking about the future of the state of california and the future of our country. and you know what? and you know what? and you know what? let me tell you this. you know what? it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. we're here to bring this country together, not to divide it. >> christie services are in demand we have where. california's just the first stop on his 11-state political tour. he says he's not thinking about running fo
jersey governor chris christie and corey booker. they're working together to fix the schools in newark with a little help from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. in a few minutes you'll meet the founder and principle of the new york harbor school, a public school that takes kids from rugged brooklyn and puts them on a ferry to school every day. we'll show you what they're doing right there. if you're just getting up or school or any other reason, shoot me an e-mail at waytooearly@- waytooearly@msnbc. we'll read the best responses as always later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be a cram session. a lot to tell you about today including one leading united states congressman calling stephen colbert's capitol hill testimony the other day an embarrassment. >>> plus, new york governor david paterson confronts his "saturday night live" likeness face to face in the "snl" season premiere. what critique could the real paterson have for the phony one? >>> 5:30 a.m. here in learning plaza in the heart of new york city. the white house and democratic leaders in congress are both acknowledging
. this is huge political theater. it's good for chris christie because it shows he can play on the national level. it's good for cory booker because it takes attention away from the serious fiscal problems he has in the city. but i have to tell you something, i have a lot of questions, how are you going to spend this money? who's accountable for it. >> good for zuckerberg. the movie is coming out. takes a lot of criticism. he doesn't like that movie. >> movie out tomorrow. "social network." it suggests negative things for him. >> are you implying that there's a sleight of hand because the new jersey lost $400 million to the race to the top. fiscal hole and zuckerberg has an issue. >> he comes in with $100 million. they're hoping to match funds to raise that to $200 million. there's a big condition on the donation. >> huge. >> he says that cory booker those be in charge with the schools. do you want private citizens, is it a debate in new jersey that a private citizen can come in with loads of cash and say, i'll give it to you but i want a big policy change? >> well, the unions in new jersey are d
issue this fall. >> okay. when we come back, he's picking another fight. new jersey governor chris christie rolls out a plan to save the state's troubled pension system. and the public employee unions are not happy. they're >> you may not like this today. but 10 years from now when you have a pension to select and health benefits to collect you're going to be looking for my address to send me a thank you note. if you suffer from heartburn two or more days a week, you're one of the 50 million americans with frequent heartburn. did you know, with prilosec otc, you can stop frequent heartburn before it starts? heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes, or backs up into the esophagus. this causes the burning sensation in your chest, known as heartburn. with just one pill a day, prilosec otc treats frequent heartburn for 24 hours, providing all-day and all-night protection. here's how it works -- prilosec otc's unique delayed-release system protects the medicine as it passes through the stomach's tough acid. the medicine then gets absorbed into the body, turning off many acid-produci
, arne duncan. new jersey governor chris christie will be on the show and mayor cory booker of newark and tom brokaw, just to name a few joining us for "education nation" here on learning plaza. >> willie, you know what happens when somebody steps on a dog's tail? they bark. your man, the governor of the garden state is upsetting people all over the place. and they're going crazy because he's just doing what he said he was going to do. and then we've got cory booker coming in, and what's happening in newark is exciting. new jersey politics, your hometown, home state. >> their relationship speaks to what we've said many times on this show, there's one issue where republicans and democrats seem to be able to get together. >> two presidents in a row, one republican and one democrat with a hunger to shake up the education establishment. we won't have the change we need without people like governor christie and the last two presidents who are demanding change. >> mika, you look across the political spectrum and really just about everybody supports radical education reform except the teache
, perry bacon, thank you both. >>> coming up, chris christie is a true gentleman not afraid of a fight. especially to defend a lady. that's in "the sideshow." but again, today feels like an entire show that got turned into a side show. you're watching "hardball." logistics makes the world work better. ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ carbon footprint reduced, bottom line gets a boost ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ with new ways to compete ♪ there'll be cheers on wall street, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when technology knows ♪ right where everything goes, that's logistics ♪ ♪ bells will ring, ring a ding ♪ ♪ ring a ding, ring a ding, that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪ ♪ cause you've called ups, that's logistics ♪ veors are demanding more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk. i hate hidden fees. why should i h
claim that [everyone talking at once] >> you can't bump her in with chris christie and scott brown in terms of her -- in -- and what are these -- individual free drops that she's going to get back for us and the collective j that you use? she won a small portion of an electorate. and traveling now. >> we haven't said anything about the weaknesses of kuntz, declared himself to be a mo an elected official. >> he's a county official right now. and he's in a position of authority. and he raised a budget over there 28%. that's what it cost -- [everyone talking at once] >> republican establishment -- >> the o'donnell campaign. >> we're just looking at the -- look, it's taking place and toomey is qzí o'donnell wins? >> i think she does. >> o'donnell doesn't win, no. >> o'donnell loses. >> yes. i'm with karl rove again on this one. mike castle would have handed that vote to the republicans. not against public servants. this woman does not have -- >> which is it? >> i'm not sure. but i hope this will -- continues to dismiss the tea party movement and all candidates rand paul, mark joe rubi
jersey is in play. new jersey was won by chris christy. >> he's not really on my side. >> but this tough economy we need a governor on our side. >> reporter: o'malley is fighting back. the current governor as been running negative ads since the primary season but really focusing in on his old record insisting he raise taxes himself but called them fees. o'malley also continues to say in his ads thallic -- urlick was a paid ballot. >> the fact is people are always going to say angry things at the end of the campaign. it happens. but really people are going to asks themselves who are going to be better for them. who is going to be better for the state. that will be governor o'malley. >> negative campaigns are like america's cherry or apple pie. >> reporter: herb smith is author of political science. he's not at all surprised at the new ad saying even though voters don't like them, they do work. and as long as the governor's race stays tight, expect more. >> now you're advertising the reasons why people need to vote for you or against the other fellow. and it seems with great frequency we'r
billionaire decided to donate 100 million to new jersey schools and looks like new jersey governor chris christie might invite newark mayor, cory booker, a democrat, but a reformer to take charge of the newark schools. is that a big development? >> it's a big development not so much because of the money. because we all know that newark schools in particular-- >> are some of the worst in the world. >> some of the worst, but also per pupil, high already in the school and the nice thing about the donation, reportedly it will be conditioned or be targeted to certain reforms, the mayor of newark will be able to use it to expand charter schools and for teacher evaluation systems and so forth. so, it's money targeting reforms that we know can be effective. >> paul: are they going to change-- does it have the potential, bill, all of this momentum to change the way that democratic party thinks about education? because there have been the big protector of union interests, not children's interests. >> exactly. if barack obama credits during the campaign, he did say some thing that got the teacher's
happened when a heckler went after meg whitman while new jersey governor chris christie was campaigning with her: >> hey. hey listen. hey listen. hey listen, you know what, you want to yell, yell at me. don't give her a hard time. we're here talking about the future of the state of california, the future of our country. and you know what? and you know what? and you know what? let me tell you this. let me tell you this. you know what? it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that a divideing this country. we're going to bring this country together, not divide it. martha: all right, he had her back in that situation! now let's take a look at what happened at one in nevada, folks literally started swinging at each other at an event for opponents harry reid and sharron angle. look at this: >> >> [inaudible comments] >> martha: there is a lot of emotion out there right now, folks. let's go to new york city, this one deals with the president of the united states, when some gay rights activists went after him and his record on their issues at a fundraising event last nig
of facebook, is expected to give $100 million to newark schools. cory booker and the republican governor chris christie will join forces on the oprah winfrey show for the announcement tomorrow. education experts welcome the bipartisan effort. >> i think it's a great opportunity. first to launch a real dialogue in the city of newark about what's best for our kids and how to give everyone an excellent education. and second, because we need money to drive resources to the programs that will get us those results. >> reporter: newark schools need help. under state control since 1995, newark spends about $22,000 per pupil each year. 47% above the state average. the results are dismal. 45% of students do not graduate from high school. only 20% of newark grads attend college. zuckerberg is part of a growing trend of venture philanthropists, investing huge sums in education reform. others are bill and melinda gates, t. boone pickens, and the andrew w. melon foundation. but some skeptics wonder if the $100 million gift to newark schools is just about generosity or if it's an effort to cast a more favora
. economy is laboring and the democrats are scrambling. hear from names like donald trump, chris christie, texas governor rick perry and martha stewart to name but a few. tune in labor day. neil is back. watch me on the fox business network, varney and company weekdays at 9:20:00 eastern. if you don't get the fox business network. >> demand it. >> stuart: until then, i'm stuart varney. thank you for spending part thank you for spending part of your holiday with us. captioned by closed captioning services, inc let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fiber and whole grain... ming him a great contender in thist... against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a littlehort. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing ) keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats! didn't know i had it in me.
. >>> and the battle is heating up between new jersey's governor chris christie and the teacher's union. >> your performance was awful. you didn't do what we asked you to do. replant a forest? maybe you want to rebuild homes for those in need? or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference. until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon. oh, now that's the best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. ♪ [ male announcer
is the official residence of governor chris christy who among other battles this election season has thrust himself squarely into the center of the nation's raging debate of what ails public education and how to fix it. two big developments this week brought this long simmering issue to full boil. one was the relief that waiting for superman, a really powerful documentary which rips apart the current sad system in a gut rinking expo say of how vested interests are styling innovation and improvement in our public education. the second catalyst, the second big development was the governor's joint appearance friday on oprah with facebook billionaire founder mark zuckerberg who used the occasion to announce an incredible $100 million donation to help fix one of the nation's worst public school systems, that of newark, new jersey's largest city whose mayor is playing a central role in this extraordinary effort. >> $100 million? >> before we hear from all three men, christy, booker and zuckerberg, and before kimberly talks live in our studio with the fill's producer, hi, kim kimberly hi. >> here
. >> this promises to be another youtube moment, the countdown to chris christie is over. >> there is a move to expand tax hikes beyond just the rich rather than really taking an a to spending. what do you think of that direction? and the credit sex that those in power in congress either don't get it. or refuse to see it. >> that is what you are seeing and feeling across the country. people are not content with the idea we will have an ever expanding, ever growing government with divests that our great grand children cannot pay off and we increase taxes across america so i don't think you need to ask the question about what i think. watch what i am doing in new jersey. this is what i believe. and do i believe it should be done in the country? of course. i will make sure that i campaign for and elect congressional members who are in line with that to the best of my ability. because i believe that is the direction our country needs to go in. >> people respect you and have great admiration for your bluntness and they say you can be a bully. how do you counter the notion that you are a bully. >>
with new jersey governor chris christie. if he didn't i'm sure he got pointers from his next guests. >> geraldo: they have the dubious reputation of being the most scorned in d.c. a town filled with unpopular people. known as the infamous white house party crashers. the star of real house wives of d.c. and her husband have yet to live down their unauthorized but perhaps explainable appearance at the white house state dinner last november. the facts and circumstances behind that for them life altering event are laid out in a new book by our friend diane diamond. the new book titled cirque de salahi. my wife is a big fan and she made me promise i would not be mean to you. >> erica, i love you. >> geraldo: she has a couple of questions that i have to ask and she mentioned this and it caught me by surprise because i'm not a big reality tv person but this happened in the last week or so. your kind of admission publicly that you have ms. >> geraldo: and when that was announced on the program some of the cast members have come forward and say you don't have ms. >> it is something that i ke
. >> neil: labor unions call to freeze spending and cut benefits. republican governor chris christy who has become famous for doing this, i'm talking about the guy who wants to become new york's next governor sending clear message to unions that they have to make concessions and even consider doing them now before it is too late. >> my platform here is very specific and i'm going appeal to them and say i think they should endorse my platform. >> i did not mean to jump on the -- what do you think of that pat gudell? >> i think it is a necessary thing that he has to do. >> neil: a democrat. >> a democrat. his father was strongly supported by unions. he has been traditionally. the problem for everybody is we can't afford this, we are going broke. the problem of the public employee unions and i separate them from the industrial union, the public employee unions made it their business that we should all pay the people who will not get the benefits they get should pay for them. people who will not get the salaries they get should pay for them and they have them for life. >> neil: and new jersey a
is being talked about. >> what is your talk take on chris christie? >> it's too early. one of the classic things about the republican party you have to wait your turn. >> yeah. >> i would agree with all of the things you said. i think he is making some really tough decisions. he comes across as a guy who is not an unreasonable social right winger but i think it's the republican party is not the place for big insurgents. mike huckabee came from nowhere and didn't win the iowa primaries didn't get much further than that. i don't know what they do if they didn't do that. i think it would be really exciting but i don't think they would win. >> governor dean is right. mitt romney continues to be a weak establishment candidate. and that makes it possible for a bunch of these guys who would normally not be next in line to maybe leapfrog over the tradition and get in there. >> be careful. a year and a half ago, barack obama could walk on water. a year and a half from now he may be walking on water again. you know these things can change so quickly. >> john heilemann and harold ford jr., howard de
now, new jersey governor chris christie isn't only tough on unions. he's also tough on hecklers. >> and get this. they're not even picking on him. but he steps in anyway. you got to see it. then one of the largest school boards in the country tackling a controversial issue today. are our children's textbooks glorifying islam and sending christianity to the sidelines? ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. making it easier to find your favorites and discover new ones. even giving you five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ the one thing about smoking -- is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. ♪ it was very interesting that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill that stays with you all day to help you quit. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% o
's talk about this story. chris christie, the new jersey governor, ali, came out of nowhere. showed that chivalry is still alive in politics. certainly in new jersey, meg whitman who is running for governor in california was heckled at an event chris christie was at with her. he stood up and stared down the heckler. i tell you what, if i am in a bar room fight while i think i'd like to have you by my side, i want chris christie to have my back. >> have you forgotten about the bar room fights we've been in in our cross country journeys on the cnn election express? i saved you many times. >> what stays on road. please keep it on the road. >> you were promoting alex mooney because he's going to have something later on? >> he'll have something at 2:45 about meg whitman, something she's not necessarily going to be happy about. >> all right, very good. we look forward to seeing you both. thanks very much. stay with cnn for complete coverage of the key races and key issues heading into the critical midterm election. your next update is just an hour away. >>> music's drive-by. one auto engi
. and then there is this today, new jersey governor chris christie fighting a new battle with the state's powerful teacher's union. and this may become the biggest one he has taken on yet. details on this proposal that is getting educators all fired up. >> you're not compensating me for my education and my experience >> well you know what then you don't have to do it. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her lon. oh, now that's t best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. i love your work. [music playing] when you take away all the canned chicken broth that adds msg, one stands alone. the secret is swanson 100% natural chicken broth. martha: update now on our top story. a manhunt is underway for the alleged mastermind of a plot on targets in europe. he's known as al-qaida's number three leader. he is a pakistani and he has run operations in europe before. we have new information coming in out of london. about eight minutes from now. stay wit
professed my love. >> what else can you do? >> how many times can we tell chris christie we love him? >> i think we should watch him. i'm serious. i think we should watch him. >> you know what -- will lease geist? meecham is so -- >> founder and host. people have tried to disparage the garden state for years. i have always seen the garden state and its finest -- bruce springsteen, right? snooki. and now chris christie, somebody bruce springsteen would never vote for in a million years. >> bill bradley. >> bill bradley. >> theodore heusen. >> sinatra. this guy, though. he's good. >> he's done some unpopular things. many people in the state like the unpopular things he's doing. >> what he said yesterday was a message that really can -- it goes across the board from washington to media. it is the message, and to people -- >> don't raise your voice. similar her down. let's talk. chris christie is going to be on "oprah" today. he's going to be on with cory booker. >> of course, mark zuckerberg who gave $100 million. >> huge gift. >> we did the interview with bill clinton. here is a guy that we
. watching bob macdonald and chris christie emerge and become the candidates that they are, it is tremendous to see how their leadership takes off and watch what happens after this november with a crew that we have coming, at the local level and national. >> how did these decide on where you were going? goinge you decide you're all 48 contiguous states, it's a question of route, south first floor north first? two people part of the management team put it altogether. which started mapping. and this is the fun part, once we decided to do it, we call the state parties and said the chairman is coming to your state around this time, what do you want him to do? the buses here for them. this is really a working office. normally as you can see we have computers, printers, we are wired, wireless, and it is a great workspace, we had a press shot right here. a press shop. this is our media shop right here. this right here the grilling had here. we get a chance to -- when the staff accept, i grill them. chaire at the captain's and for the lieutenant governor who is in the chair earlier today, he got to
chris christie, who defeated democrat john corzine last fall, has repeatedly accused local governments of waste and mismanagement. he has moved to cap property tax increases at 2% a year. joseph martin, the manager of verona, next to montclair, says his township has balanced its budget by cutting a dozen high- paid jobs in the last few years, but he still worries about the cap on property taxes. >> my concern about a cap is one of the strengths of verona and many neighboring towns is that we have an excellent investor rating from moody's investor services, and there is some concern by the rating agencies that the caps will lesson the financial strength of municipalities. >> reporter: by far, the biggest expense for new jersey's local governments are the public schools, considered by many to be some of the best in the nation, but also the most expensive. the governor is taking aim. >> whave the highest property taxes in the nation. we're the most taxed people in america-- more than california, more than new york, more than illinois. and we are not getting the return on that investment a
and looking at what chris chris christie is looking at in new jersey, he could have done tax hikes but he is doing cuts and the jury is out if that works but people in new jersey were open and the folks who were getting gored so i wonder if maybe the prospect for my suggestions are looking rosy? >>guest: anything is possible. i have seen strange people elected. there is a possibilities for you there. just kidding, just kidding. look, the long and short is this: let's hope you are right. if we are ever going to do anything about the $12 trillion deficit headed up to $1 trillion by the end of the decade we better to be willing to sacrifice but i will believe it when i see it but i want to believe it and i want to see it so sign me up on your petition, neil. >>neil: i would be very understanding. >>guest: you would be. >>neil: larry, thank you my friend. always a pleasure. new to be sure, we have a lot of stake in the question: do you agree with the campaign pledge for the economy, go to and vote. stay tuned. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is
a good education. and right now that's not happening. >> reporter: new jersey's republican governor chris christie and nooshg's democratic mayor cory booker joined forces to make a bold agreement on how to use the funds. the governor will turn over some control of newark's state-run schools to the mayor, who scored a coup igetting zuckerberg's donation. >> it's about the children. >> reporter: some of the project details include setting up a $100 million education foundation. newark must raise $100 million in matching funds. the city must also raise another $50 million to serve disadvantaged kids. in newark, 150 teachers have high hopes for the project. >> i'm so excited for what that could mean for the children and families. i could think of a billion stories in my head right now. >> reporter: in a city where 45% of the students do not graduate from high school, education experts say newark is now taking on another enormous challenge. >> if they fai every foundation, every mayor and governor is going to look at this as proof of why this will not work and may never happen again. >> report
were true? it is. ♪ >>> incendiary words last night from new jersey republican governor chris christie who lit into teachers unions at a meeting as he unveiled a plan to let schools strip tenure from failing teachers and allow merit pay. >> your performance was awful. you didn't do what we asked you to do, you didn't produce the product we wanted you to produce. but we don't look at that. all we look at is, are you still breathing? >> governor christie is in the midst of a big education battle in the most densely populated state in the union, which brings us to "education nation." our summit, our series of reports on our schools in this country. for days we've been hearing about the ideal education system in the world. finland. educators talk about finland all the time. so much so in fact we decided to go there and see what makes their system so good. here tonight, our education correspondent rehema ellis. >> reporter: finland. population 5 million. about the size of the atlanta metro area. but don't let size fool you. finland is a global success. home to cell phone giant nokia, fins a
mark zuckerberg appeared on oprah, along with two new friends-- mayor cory booker and governor chris christie-- to explain why. >> i've had a lot of opportunities in my life and a lot of that comes from having gone to really good schools and i just want to do what i can to make sure that everyone has those same opportunities. >> couric: no one is questioning the generosity of the gift, but some are questioning the timing. a less-than-flattering movie about the founding of facebook called "the social network" opens nationwide next week. and coming up next, remembering eddie fisher. ♪ oh, to me you are so wonderful... ♪ until you look at the gumline. the problem is, you could have plaque along your gumline that can lead to gingivitis. in fact, one in two adults actually has gingivitis and might not even know it. fortunately, there's new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps remove plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. and it's even been clinically proven to help reverse it... in just four weeks. it also protects these other areas dentists check
, rick perry, chris christie, martha stewart. the subject getting america back to work. labor day special. coming up. neil's back. small businesses out in force this weekend and hoping holiday travelers listen up. >> vacations are over for him and for them. maybe you're going back to work, too. millions of americans aren't. because washington's liberal agenda is killing small businesses. soaring taxes. more regulations. more americans out of work. if you see a senator or representative, tell them halt the assault on america's small business. tell them america small businesses aren't the enemy. do something right. >> stuart: the man behind the ad. bret, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> i interviewed several people on the program yesterday and today put out with their own money ads about the obama administration, and the democrats. you put up your own money to make this? >> i did. along with our group. mostly construction contractors from the united states put in this. >> stuart: how much did you put up? >> a six-figure buy in airports around the country. in 20 some to airports, the
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